Loyd Ware is the Program Manager for the City of Oakland’s Residential Lending and Rehabilitation Programs. The program provides loans and grants, technical assistance including project design, management and funding to low and moderate homeowners to correct health and safety related conditions.

Rayford Reed is a graduate of Stanford University and University of Texas at Austin law School. He has his own firm, Law offices of Rayford E. Reed and has practiced law in California for over 30 years.

David Page has 35 years of experience in the construction industry and 17 years of experience, Programs/Projects control systems implementations, project management, project engineering, estimating, and scheduling.

Roger Brown is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)of Building Youth Tomorrow Today (BYTT) Community-Based organization. Prior to Mr. Brown appointment as Founder/CEO from September 2011 to Present. He has served as a California Correctional Officer over 13 years.

Katherine Carreon is the Secretary of Omega Mental Health. Katherine has over 20 years of education experience and specializes in Language and Literacy.

Vincent’s dedication to providing quality mental health services continues today as the founder and president of Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center and Omega Mental Health.

Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer, LMFT

Katrina Blair has a warm, accepting approach to therapy. As a bi-racial therapist she understands cultural differences. She does her best to provide a safe and supportive place to share your stress and anxiety.